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Online English Classes

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Online English Classes

Do you want to speak better English? This course will help you reach that goal. Speak English Professionally: In person, Online and On the Phone will boost your English speaking skills. In this 5 week course, you will learn how to identify and make a strong personal introduction. You will develop and demonstrate the speaking skills for group discussions: how to agree or disagree, how to clarify, restate and summarize. You will review and practice

Take free online English language courses to improve your English grammar, composition, conversation and writing skills. Learn effective English communication skills with online classes and courses from Eduzyte.

Eduzyte provides free information and resources for English language learners and enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're a lifelong speaker of English language, a beginning language learner, or someone who hasn't yet taken the plunge, you're sure to find something here to satisfy your interest and curiosity.

Additional Online English Courses

Take an English-speaking course online and start improving your communication skills today. Eduzyte offers courses in reading, writing and speaking English that are geared toward people learning English as a second language that include English speaking practice. In addition, find free English proficiency test preparation courses for the Corporates, SAT, CAT, GRE, TOEFL ® and IELTS exams.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Change how you speak English
  • Improve your pronunciation and fluency 
  • Increase your English vocabulary
  • Identify how culture influences your speech
  • Use culture to help you speak correctly
  • Demonstrate the best body language for different cultural settings
  • Know statements, questions and responses for different settings and situations

10 good reasons why you should be learning a English language

  • To increase global understanding
  • To improve employment potential
  • To increase native language ability
  • To sharpen cognitive and life skills
  • To improve chances of entry into college or graduate school
  • To appreciate international literature, music, and film
  • To make travel more feasible and enjoyable
  • To expand study abroad options
  • To increase understanding of oneself and one's own culture
  • To make lifelong friends

Our Offerings On English Languages:

Eduzyte is offering English for GRE, English for CAT, English for SAT, English for TOFEL, English IELTS, Spoken English for housewife, Corporate English, English Grammar, English Writing Skills