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SCHEDULE : Weekly 5 days, 15 Sessions (Each of 1hr 30 mins)

Course Overview

"Eduzyte offers LIVE interactive classes for CBSE Class 12 through online. This long term course Course is designed to be a complete course to cover the entire syllabus designed by NCERT board for CBSE 12th and is geared towards bringing maximum performance from a child for the Final 10th CBSE boards. This course will be taken by expert certified CBSE teachers. Being online, we have some of the best teachers of CBSE from around the country who will teach on Eduzyte. Each session of our online classes for Class XII starts with a conceptual discussion of the topic and is followed by practice questions. You are advised to follow the pre, during, and post-session activities to make the most of the pedagogy We also provide NCERT solutions for Class 12 with detailed solutions & analysis in order to keep track with the pace of other students."

Curriculum Coverage

  • Weekly 6 classes for Each Maths, Physics Chemistry
  • LIVE Online Classes by qualified Eduzyte faculty
  • Subject based courses available as per the class
  • Entire syllabus of Class 12th CBSE Maths, 12th CBSE Maths, 12th CBSE Maths
  • Revision of entire Class 12th CBSE Maths, 12th CBSE Maths, 12th CBSE Maths
  • Subjective Tests for practice & strengthen the concepts of each chapter
  • Crisp concepts with effective explanation
  • More practical examples and Numerical
  • Time management and avoiding silly mistakes
  • Tips & Tricks in Problem Solving Lectures
  • Exam strategies to get maximum marks
  • Recordings of every session available for revision
  • Access sessions anytime, anywhere, and on all devices
  • Analysis of last 5 year board exams
  • Doubts resolved by NCERT experts


  • 12th CBSE Maths year course
  • 12th CBSE Physics year course
  • 12th CBSE Chemistry year course
  • Analysis of last 5 year board exams
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12 th CBSE full year course

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