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In case you are satisfied with the screenshot captured, you can proceed to the next step or repeat the steps above to get the best screenshot for the purpose. Note from the above Screenshot that the Select button of Paint Application is selected and the Screenshot captured is highlighted with doted lines.

In case you do not want to do any editing and you want simply to save the Screenshot as a File, just click on the Save button which looks like Floppy Disk and is visible at the top left corner of the Paint Application and specify File Name, File Type Default is PNG File format in Windows 7 and File Location as displayed in the screenshot below.

Screenshots are great way to visually share information with other people. Yes you can even record Videos to share information visually on computers, but Screenshots are much easier to create, view and manage. Transfer Products. File Management. More Products. Melissa Lee Updated on May 19, min read. Top 9 Best Screen Recorder Pros 1. Learn more 2. Free Cam Record voice-overs and computer sounds Learn more 3. ShareX Incorporate hotkeys for easier and quicker navigation Learn more 4.

CamStudio Create a screen-in-screen video Learn more 5. Ezvid Allow automatic high-quality resolution Learn more 6. Learn more 7. Learn more 8. Camtasia Audio, video and cursor tracks can be edited separately Learn more 9. FlashBack Screen Recorder Allow adding distinctive and custom watermarks Learn more.

Was This Page Helpful? Read full bio. Record webcam and screen at the same time Record voice-overs and computer sounds Incorporate hotkeys for easier and quicker navigation Create a screen-in-screen video Allow automatic high-quality resolution Free and functional screen capture software on Windows Public URL is available for sharing Audio, video and cursor tracks can be edited separately Allow adding distinctive and custom watermarks Windows is without a doubt the most used operating system in the world on personal computers , a long way in front of Mac OS X and Linux, despite the fact that every year somebody comes up with the brilliant idea that it's going to be the year of Linux on the desktop.

And Windows 7 , the version of Microsoft's OS initially launched in October of to replace Windows Vista, has been one of the most popular and most highly adopted operating system developed by the guys at Redmond, lightyears ahead of Windows 10, offering visual, performance and security improvements.

With this Windows, Microsoft returned to the path of success after the failure of Vista, and in view of what appeared later, it wouldn't be crazy to state this is probably their best product to the date. Nobody can be surprised about the reluctance of many users to switch over to W10, even being a free updated. Windows 7 was received as a mighty evolution regarding previous systems , especially regarding its performance improvements, its greater security and a much more intuitive interface.

Here are its general features. If you still live in the past with your Windows XP or Vista, or you're just not too keen on the new Windows 10, the best thing you can do is download Windows 7 to your PC, the ideal operating system for personal computers on which your going to combine leisure and work.

However, take into account that whenever Microsoft fancies, it will stop supporting this OS and will forget about implementing security improvements, so you won't be able to update it. In any case, don't expect to download the ISO of this software for free because, even if there already newer versions available, you'll still have to pay its full price. Just a year after its initial release, it received its first major update, Service Pack 1 SP1 that corrects certain errors and security issues found in its code.

Furthermore, it also comes along with different versions that adapt perfectly to the needs of every kind of users:.


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    Windows 7 professional screenshot free.How do you take screenshots in windows 7 and where do they save?

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    Jump to a Section. This article explains how to take screenshots windows 7 professional screenshot free Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. This hotkey opens a small clipping menu at the windows 7 professional screenshot free of the screen.

    You have four options for the type of area you want to capture:. Select the kind of screenshot you want to capture. To use a Rectangular or Freeform Snipclick and drag the mouse to define the capture area. When you release the mouse button, screennshot area saves to your clipboard. If you select Window Snipthe active window that you select is saved to the clipboard.

    If you select Fullscreen Snipthe entire desktop including any additional attached monitors is saved to the clipboard. With any of the snips, you get a notification that the Snip saved to clipboard. Or, you can paste the copied screenshot into an image editor, email message, OneNoteor another application. The tool offers a timer set to a screehshot of 3 or 10 seconds. PrtScn copies a screenshot of the full screen to your system clipboard.

    From there, you can paste the image where you need it, such as into an email or an image editor such as Microsoft Paint or Gimp for Windows. The PrtScn method above works in all versions of Windows. Windows windows 7 professional screenshot free and Windows 8, however, offer a trick that makes screen capturing a little faster. Your display momentarily dims as if a camera shutter just snapped, indicating the screenshot.

    To take a screenshot of a single window, select the window's title bar at the top. A screenshot of only the windows 7 professional screenshot free window saves to your clipboard. You can then paste the image to another program or location, such as an email or Microsoft Paint. A built-in utility, Snipping Windows 7 professional screenshot free, gives you another way to make screenshots but with more control over the area captured.

    It's available in Windows versions starting with Windows Vistabut it differs somewhat from version to version. Here's how to use it. Both tools are still available in Professioanl Select Start and type snipping into the Search box. Select Snipping Tool in the search results. In Windows 10, select Mode in the Snipping Tool menu.

    This is where Snipping Windows 7 professional screenshot free in Windows 10 differs from earlier versions. Winrows Windows 7 and 8, select the New drop-down menu. Choose an option for the shape of the screenshot area:. Free-form or Rectangular Snip options : After you draw the area that you want to capture, release the mouse button.

    The image opens in Snipping Windows 7 professional screenshot free. It also goes to your clipboard. Window Snip : Move the mouse pointer to the active window and click to capture the window image. If you use the Window Snip option and frse a window behind the active window, a screenshot is taken of that window screendhot, plus any other windows in front of it.

    Full-screen Snip : As soon as you choose this selection, the Snipping Tool captures the full desktop image. If the screenshot is not as you expected, take another by selecting New in the menu. When you're satisfied with your screenshot, save it. Snipping Tool does not capture opened context menus or other pop-up menus. When you attempt to make a screenshot of these, as soon as the Snipping Tool is activated, those menus close. Windows 10 offers a delay feature for making screenshots with Snipping Tool.

    The delay allows you to set up your desktop before the program freezes your screen. Click Delay and select the amount of time you'd like Snipping Tool to wait before capturing the image, up to five seconds. Select New and set up your screen the way you want it to appear before the timer runs out.

    For example, to capture an open context menu, windows 7 professional screenshot free that menu before the timer runs out. When the delay ends, Snipping Tool captures the screenshot, including open menus.

    The Snipping Tool doesn't have a live timer to show you how much time you have left. To be on the safe side, give yourself five seconds for each shot. OneNote used to have a screen-clipping function.

    Although it's no longer available, you may still use this method to take a screenshot on older versions. When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

    Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookie Settings. By Ian Paul Ian Paul. Former freelance contributor Ian Paul is a widely published freelance tech writer specializing in Windows, virus protection, and VPNs.

    Reviewed screenshor Ryan Perian. Tweet Share Email. In This Article Expand. Screenshots in Windows Full-Screen Windows 10, 8, and 7.

    Alternate Full Screen Windows 10 and 8. Single Window Windows 10 and 8. Snipping Tool. Capture Pop-Up Menus Windows Other Methods. How to Take Screenshots in Windows The professoonal captures all active monitors.

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